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OpenVPN Connect Installation Guide

Thank you for choosing ITExpertNow for your VPN service. Please follow the steps below to install OpenVPN Connect and configure your VPN:


  1. Download the OpenVPN Connect from the appropriate link for your device:
  2. Install the application following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Download the ovpn file we’ve provided to your device.

Importing .ovpn file:

  1. Open the ovpn file on your device.
  2. Select OpenVPN to open the file.
  3. Click “Import” in the OpenVPN app.
  4. Click “Connect” in the OpenVPN app.

Important: You’ll receive two ovpn files: XXX_US_Fast.ovpn and XXX_US_STD.ovpn. The Fast profile should be your go-to option whenever possible. However, if you’re situated in a region where VPN usage is subject to restrictions, switch to the STD profile instead.

For further assistance, contact us at [email protected].